Flying tonight

The following species are all expected to be adult and on the wing now.  This list is based on the current week (Week 10) and includes adult/mature stages found at this time of year from our data.  The most likely species come first - note that those at the end of the list may be unlikely.

SpeciesFamilyNumber of Records
2190 Orthosia gothica (Hebrew Character)Noctuidae553
2187 Orthosia cerasi (Common Quaker)Noctuidae522
1663 Alsophila aescularia (March Moth)Geometridae439
1934 Agriopis marginaria (Dotted Border)Geometridae356
2188 Orthosia incerta (Clouded Drab)Noctuidae352
2258 Conistra vaccinii (Chestnut)Noctuidae270
1926 Phigalia pilosaria (Pale Brindled Beauty)Geometridae189
2243 Xylocampa areola (Early Grey)Noctuidae169
2256 Eupsilia transversa (Satellite)Noctuidae164
0688 Agonopterix heraclianaOecophoridae122
1960 Theria primaria (Early Moth)Geometridae107
2182 Orthosia cruda (Small Quaker)Noctuidae103
1930 Biston strataria (Oak Beauty)Geometridae77
1659 Achlya flavicornis (Yellow Horned)Thyatiridae67
2189 Orthosia munda (Twin-spotted Quaker)Noctuidae57
1025 Tortricodes alternellaTortricidae52
1524 Emmelina monodactylaPterophoridae38
1947 Ectropis bistortata (Engrailed)Geometridae28
2237 Lithophane ornitopus (Grey Shoulder-knot)Noctuidae27
2139 Cerastis rubricosa (Red Chestnut)Noctuidae27
2259 Conistra ligula (Dark Chestnut)Noctuidae23
0663 Diurnea fagellaOecophoridae20
1746 Anticlea badiata (Shoulder Stripe)Geometridae19
1852 Eupithecia abbreviata (Brindled Pug)Geometridae13
0695 Agonopterix alstromerianaOecophoridae13
1497 Amblyptilia acanthadactylaPterophoridae12
1775 Colostygia multistrigaria (Mottled Grey)Geometridae12
0998 Epiphyas postvittana (Light Brown Apple Moth)Tortricidae12
2179 Panolis flammea (Pine Beauty)Noctuidae12
1917 Selenia dentaria (Early Thorn)Geometridae11
1932 Agriopis leucophaearia (Spring Usher)Geometridae9
2306 Phlogophora meticulosa (Angle Shades)Noctuidae8
0647 Hofmannophila pseudospretella (Brown House Moth)Oecophoridae8
2236 Lithophane hepatica (Pale Pinion)Noctuidae8
2241 Xylena vetusta (Red Sword-grass)Noctuidae7
1750 Lampropteryx suffumata (Water Carpet)Geometridae7
0461 Ypsolopha ustellaYponomeutidae7
1760 Chloroclysta siterata (Red-green Carpet)Geometridae6
1288 Alucita hexadactyla (Twenty-plume Moth)Alucitidae6
2469 Scoliopteryx libatrix (Herald)Noctuidae6
0648 Endrosis sarcitrella (White-shouldered House Moth)Oecophoridae6
0697 Agonopterix arenellaOecophoridae5
1661 Archiearis parthenias (Orange Underwing)Geometridae5
0672 Depressaria heraclei (Parsnip Moth)Oecophoridae4
2185 Orthosia populeti (Lead-coloured Drab)Noctuidae4
1044x Acleris ferrugana/notanaTortricidae3
0689 Agonopterix ciliellaOecophoridae3
0701 Agonopterix ocellanaOecophoridae3
1044 Acleris ferruganaTortricidae3
1055 Acleris hyemanaTortricidae3
1053 Acleris hastianaTortricidae3
0351 Phyllonorycter lautellaGracillariidae2
1045 Acleris notanaTortricidae2
2186 Orthosia gracilis (Powdered Quaker)Noctuidae2
0284 Caloptilia rufipennellaGracillariidae2
0315 Phyllonorycter harrisellaGracillariidae2
2423 Nycteola revayana (Oak Nycteoline)Noctuidae2
1984 Macroglossum stellatarum (Humming-bird Hawk-moth)Sphingidae2
0281 Caloptilia populetorumGracillariidae2
0893 Mompha epilobiellaMomphidae2
2235 Lithophane semibrunnea (Tawny Pinion)Noctuidae2
0288 Caloptilia stigmatellaGracillariidae2
1790 Triphosa dubitata (Tissue)Geometridae2
0892 Mompha subbistrigellaMomphidae2
2140 Cerastis leucographa (White-marked)Noctuidae2