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Summary Data

Season (Adult / Immature):

National Status: Local

Local Status: Rare and very local resident.

Local Record: Grade 4   See here for explanation

Flight time: -

Forewing: 4mm.

Foodplant: Dogwood.

Regional breakdown:

Year first recorded186818831983
Year last recorded198420121983
Number of records251
Number of individuals104
Unique positions241
Unique locations241
Adult records230
Immature records021

For the county, we have a total of 8 records from 7 sites. First recorded in 1868.


0158 Antispila metallella 02 mine and case
© Dave Shenton
0158 Antispila metallella 01 tenanted mine
© Dave Shenton

Species Account

Sutton & Beaumont, 1989: Very locally fairly common.

2013 (CHF): A rare moth in the county. The only recent records are from the Doncaster area. Adults fly around their foodplant (dogwood) in the late afternoon sunshine but it is usually recorded as a leaf mine. A short corridor close to the margin of the leaf suddenly widens into a large blotch that often overruns the corridor. The larva then makes an oval excision, 5.5 - 7mm long and drops therein to the ground. A characteristic feature is a number of "test punctures" of the leaf made by the female in preparation for oviposition - this can be seen as a curving row of 2-7 brown spots perpendicular to the initial corridor. The similar Antispila treischkiella does not show the trial slits and the excision is smaller - 4 - 5.5mm along the longer axis.

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