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Summary Data

Season (Adult / Immature):

National Status: Common

Local Status: Rare and very local resident.

Local Record: Grade 4   See here for explanation

Flight time: Jul, and Oct, hibernates through to following Spring.

Forewing: 5-6mm.

Foodplant: Bittersweet and occasionally Deadly Nightshade.

Regional breakdown:

Year first recorded200920032013
Year last recorded201420142013
Number of records7241
Number of individuals45311
Unique positions5201
Unique locations6191
Adult records5101
Immature records2140

For the county, we have a total of 32 records from 26 sites. First recorded in 2003.


0476 Acrolepia autumnitella 07 leaf-mines on Bittersweet
© Terry Box, 9 Oct 2015
0476 Acrolepia autumnitella 06 ex mine on woody nightshade
© Andy Nunn
0476 Acrolepia autumnitella 05 mine on woody nightshade
© Andy Nunn
0476 Acrolepia autumnitella 04 ex mine on Bittersweet
© Dave Shenton
0476 Acrolepia autumnitella 03 mine on woody nightshade
© Andy Nunn
0476 Acrolepia autumnitella 02 leaf mine
© Dave Shenton
0476 Acrolepia autumnitella 01 pupa and cocoon
© Dave Shenton

Species Account

Argus 47, 2001-04:
VC63. Potteric Carr, mines Sep. 2003, moths reared 12.9.2003 (RIH); West Melton, vacated mine 2.10.2003 (HEB); Rossington, 7.8.2004 (RIH). NEW COUNTY RECORD.

Argus 58, 2009:
VC61. Kilnsea, 16.7.2009 det. HEB (BRS). NEW VICE-COUNTY RECORD.

Current status (HEB, 2011): A moth with a mainly south-eastern distribution that has spread northwards in recent years. First recorded at Potteric Carr NR and at West Melton (VC63) in 2003 it rapidly consolidated its position and has become locally common in southern VC63 (e.g. over 100 tenanted mines at West Melton in 2009). Subsequently recorded from Spurn (VC61) and likely to be recorded more widely in the future.

Argus 69, 2013: Has become frequent in the south of Yorkshire during the past ten years and is now showing signs of moving north.
VC64. Ellingham Banks MoD, 4.9.2013 (CHF, AJW, WB). NEW VICE-COUNTY RECORD.

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