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Summary Data

Season (Adult / Immature):

National Status: Common

Local Status: Very common and fairly widespread resident.

Local Record: Grade 1   See here for explanation

Flight time: One generation, Jul-Aug

Forewing: 28-37mm.

Foodplant: Herbaceous plants. Nettle, docks, burdocks etc.

Regional breakdown:

Year first recorded19281930190618861940
Year last recorded20142014201420142014
Number of records4013818219584354
Number of individuals2203112182772899600
Unique positions1371039511636
Unique locations1401028811833
Adult records3939778134533349
Immature records25816140

For the county, we have a total of 5988 records from 481 sites. First recorded in 1886.


72.026 Garden Tiger larva 07
© Nick Lawman
72.026 Garden Tiger 06
© Damian Money
72.026 Garden Tiger 05 larva
© Andy Nunn
72.026 Garden Tiger 04
© Andy Nunn
72.026 Garden Tiger 03
© Damian Money
72.026 Garden Tiger 02
© Ian Andrews
72.026 Garden Tiger 01
© Damian Money

Species Account

Sutton & Beaumont, 1989: Records are scattered over all five vice-counties and it is often reported as frequent to common where it does occur. However it does seem less common than formerly in some areas and being so conspicuous, it is strange that it should not be recorded more evenly if it is as common as was often said.

2012 (CHF): This moth is still widely recorded across the county but not in the numbers of twenty years ago. We still receive over 200 records per year. In July 2003, unprecedented numbers occurred at Spurn with 1683 attracted to light on 18.7.2003.

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