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Summary Data

Season (Adult / Immature):

National Status: Nationally Scarce B

Local Status: Rare and local resident.

Local Record: Grade G adult, 2 leaf-mine   See here for explanation

Flight time:


Foodplant: Soft fruits, especially dewberry.

Regional breakdown:

Year first recorded201020012001
Year last recorded201420132003
Number of records2103
Number of individuals000
Unique positions293
Unique locations282
Adult records000
Immature records2103

For the county, we have a total of 15 records from 12 sites. First recorded in 2001.


04.097 Ectoedemia rubivora 06 leaf mine
© Terry Box, 25 Nov 2017
04.097 Ectoedemia rubivora 05 mine on bramble
© Andy Nunn
04.097 Ectoedemia rubivora 04 mines on bramble
© Andy Nunn
04.097 Ectoedemia rubivora 03 mines on Rubus
© Dave Shenton
04.097 Ectoedemia rubivora 02 leaf mine
© Charles Fletcher, 25 Nov 2001
04.097 Ectoedemia rubivora 01 leaf mine
© Charles Fletcher, 29 Nov 2001

Species Account

Argus 47, 2001-04:
VC64. Bridge Hewick, 25.10.2001, mines on Rubus; Hell Wath, 29.11.2001, mines on Rubus; Weswick, mines 9.10.2003; Sharow 17.10.2002 (CHF). NEW COUNTY RECORD.
VC65. High Batts NR, 29.11.2001, mines on Rubus (CHF). NEW VICE-COUNTY RECORD.

Argus 60, 2010:
VC62. Thowthorpe, mine on bramble, 18.11.2010 (CHF). NEW VICE-COUNTY RECORD.

Current status (HEB, 2011): First found in the north of Yorkshire, in vice-counties 64 and 65, in 2001 where it has been recorded in small numbers subsequently. A record from VC62 in 2010 indicates that it may occur more widely.

2013 (CHF): Despite widespread searching, this species is extremely rare away from its stronghold in the Ripon area. Mines are quite unlike any other seen on Rubus with a highly contorted early gallery which widens considerably towards the end. There may be several mines in one leaf. Mines have been found on several species of bramble.

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