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Summary Data

Season (Adult / Immature):

National Status: Nationally Scarce B

Local Status: Rare and restricted resident.

Local Record: Grade 4 adult, 2 leaf-mine.   See here for explanation

Flight time:


Foodplant: Cowberry.

Regional breakdown:

Year first recorded1868189120102010
Year last recorded1992201320152014
Number of records2553
Number of individuals1280
Unique positions2442
Unique locations2432
Adult records2300
Immature records0253

For the county, we have a total of 15 records from 11 sites. First recorded in 1868.


04.077 Fomoria weaveri 03 larva
© Derek Parkinson
04.077 Fomoria weaveri 02 leaf mine
© Derek Parkinson
04.077 Fomoria weaveri 01 leaf mine
© Charles Fletcher, 11 Mar 2010

Species Account

4.077 Ectoedemia weaveri becomes Fomoria weaveri.

Most records are of leaf-mines.

Sutton & Beaumont, 1989: Local on moorland localities.

Argus 60, 2010: This moth is widespread on the higher southern Pennine moors with a few records from the North York moors in VC62. Its occurrence in vice-counties 64 and 65, where it has evidently been previously overlooked, comes as no surprise.
VC64. Brimham Rocks, mines 1.4.2010 (CHF); Barden Moor, mines 13.4.2010 (DP). NEW VICE-COUNTY RECORD.
VC65. Agra Moor and Colsterdale, mines on cowberry 11.3.2010 (CHF). NEW VICE-COUNTY RECORD

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