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Summary Data

Season (Adult / Immature):

National Status: Common

Local Status: Uncommon and fairly widespread resident.

Local Record: Grade 1   See here for explanation

Flight time: Jun-Aug.

Forewing: 17-21mm

Foodplant: Scots Pine, Norway Spruce, Douglas Fir, Lodgepole Pine

Regional breakdown:

Year first recorded19041883188318831883
Year last recorded20142014201420142014
Number of records21442010663376
Number of individuals175538110993167
Unique positions611024213722
Unique locations64994614422
Adult records2074029660773
Immature records20020

For the county, we have a total of 1449 records from 375 sites. First recorded in 1883.


70.284 Barred Red 04
© Andy Nunn
70.284 Barred Red 03
© Paul Holmes, 26 Jun 2010
70.284 Barred Red 01
© Damian Money
70.284 Barred Red 02
© Graham Feathestone

Species Account

Sutton & Beaumont, 1989: Previously rather local. This species has either become much more common in recent years, or an increase in the use of light traps has altered its apparent status in the County. Now widely recorded in all five vice-counties at most sites where light traps are run regularly, even where pine is confined to specimen trees in gardens.

2012 (CHF): Doing well in most parts of the county but less common in the south and east. Can be locally common in pine woods eg 38 at Ellington Banks on 22.7.2005.

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