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Summary Data

Season (Adult / Immature):

National Status: Nationally Scarce B

Local Status: Very rare and very local resident.

Local Record: Grade 4   See here for explanation

Flight time: May-Jun.

Forewing: 7-9mm.

Foodplant: Birch.

Regional breakdown:

Year first recorded1883
Year last recorded2001
Number of records4
Number of individuals1
Unique positions4
Unique locations4
Adult records4
Immature records0

For the county, we have a total of 4 records from 4 sites. First recorded in 1883.


0138 Lampronia fuscatella 02 larval gall opened
© Dave Shenton
0138 Lampronia fuscatella 01 larval gall on Birch
© Dave Shenton

Species Account

Sutton & Beaumont, 1989: Local and rare, no recent record.

2013 (CHF): Very local in the county with few recent records. The adults are much plainer-looking than others of this genus as the name fuscatella suggests. The larvae form almost spherical galls in birch branches of 3-13 mm diameter, usually at a node. Often several adjacent nodes are affected. The larva hibernates in the mine. The presence of the larva within the gall is suggested by reddish-brown frass around the exit hole.

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