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Summary Data

Season (Adult / Immature):

National Status: Local

Local Status: Scarce and local resident.

Local Record: Grade 2   See here for explanation

Flight time: Oct-May, (hibernating)

Forewing: 17-20mm.

Foodplant: Oaks. birches, sallows, Hazel other trees and shrubs.

Regional breakdown:

Year first recorded20042004200219962003
Year last recorded20142014201420142015
Number of records78695221373
Number of individuals79765228178
Unique positions2920224412
Unique locations2621254612
Adult records76675220173
Immature records20000

For the county, we have a total of 485 records from 130 sites. First recorded in 1996.


2236 Pale Pinion 05
© Terry Box, 23 Apr 2013
2236 Pale Pinion 04
© Andy Nunn
2236 Pale Pinion 03
© Dave Williamson
2236 Pale Pinion 02
© Charles Fletcher: 21 Apr 2003
2236 Pale Pinion 01
© Charles Fletcher, 10 Sep 2003

Species Account

Beaumont, 2002:
VC64. Low Bentham, 5.5.1996 conf. HEB, 1997, April 2000 (TMW). NEW COUNTY RECORD.

Argus 47, 2001-04: Since the first Yorkshire record in 1996 this moth has spread eastwards, it is now thinly recorded in all five vice-counties.
VC61. Rudston, 5.5.2004 (ASE); Spurn, 6.6.2004 (BRS). NEW VICE-COUNTY RECORD.
VC62. Hutton Rudby, 11.4.2004 (GWF); Haxby, 15.5.2004 (TJC). NEW VICE-COUNTY RECORD.
VC63. Mirfield, 17.3.2002 (MST); West Melton, 4.4.2002, 19.3 & 5.6.2004 (HEB); Holdsworth, 22 & 23.4.2003 (KC). NEW VICE-COUNTY RECORD.
VC65. Hutton Conyers, 21.4.2003, four subsequent records 2003-04 (CHF); Richmond, 3 & 4.7.2004 (TP). NEW VICE-COUNTY RECORD.

2012 (CHF): The first five county records were all from Low Bentham in the west of VC64 but from 2000 it spread east and north in a major expansion which has taken it as far north as central Scotland. It is now widespread across the county, emerging in September/October and reappearing in the spring after hibernation. Numbers reached a peak in 2009 but have declined since then.

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