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National Status: Unknown

Local Status: Vagrant or adventive

Local Record: Grade 4   See here for explanation

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Foodplant: Cupressus sp.

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Species Account

Argus 63, 2011: The occurrence of this moth is a highlight of the year. Its origins are uncertain; it may have been introduced with Cupressus plants, the larval foodplant.
VC61. Bridlington, 30.8.2011 det. HEB (LB). NEW COUNTY RECORD and NEW TO BRITAIN.

This moth was attracted to MV light in the garden of Mrs Lenora Bruce in Bridlington (VC61) on 30th August 2011. It was passed to the Micro Recorder (Harry Beaumont) by Ian Marshall. Harry immediately recognised it as P. tessulatana as he has previously determined specimens taken in the Balearic Islands. It seems unlikely that it was an immigrant as no other immigrants arrived around that time. Expert opinion suggests it most likely arrived as an introduction by the horticultural trade as the larval foodplants are Cuppresses species, particularly C. semipervirens (Green Cypress) and junipers. However the larvae feed in the cones of mature trees of these species and mature trees of these species are not usually moved around so an immigrant cannot be ruled out. It has a wide distribution across southern Europe from Portugal and Spain eastward to Greece and Bulgaria and northward to Switzerland. It is also present in eastern Europe and North Africa. Full details of this record were published in Vol:2-2 of The Entomologist's Record and Journal of Variation March/April 2012. HMF.

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