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Summary Data

Season (Adult / Immature):

National Status: Common

Local Status: Uncommon and thinly distributed or restricted resident.

Local Record: Grade 2   See here for explanation

Flight time: Two generations, May-Jun, Jul-Aug.

Forewing: 10mm.

Foodplant: Wild Thyme and Corn Mint.

Regional breakdown:

Year first recorded19041883188318831883
Year last recorded20142014201420142014
Number of records56352813019
Number of individuals271762851160
Unique positions222423628
Unique locations202121517
Adult records54332512817
Immature records00000

For the county, we have a total of 268 records from 120 sites. First recorded in 1883.


1362 Pyrausta purpuralis 04
© Andy Nunn
1362 Pyrausta purpuralis 03
© Damian Money
1362 Pyrausta purpuralis 02
© Terry Box, 4 Aug 2012
1362 Pyrausta purpuralis 01
© Robin Sutton

Species Account

Sutton & Beaumont, 1989: Widely recorded and locally common with records from all five vice-counties. This species and P. ostrinalis (Hubner) have been confused in the past and some old records may well refer to the latter.

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