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Summary Data

Season (Adult / Immature):

National Status: Common

Local Status: Rare and very local resident.

Local Record: Grade 4 adult, 2 leaf-mine.   See here for explanation

Flight time: July-Aug.

Forewing: 2-3mm.

Foodplant: Oak.

Regional breakdown:

Year first recorded20131914
Year last recorded20132014
Number of records231
Number of individuals044
Unique positions223
Unique locations125
Adult records02
Immature records229

For the county, we have a total of 33 records from 26 sites. First recorded in 1914.


04.058 Stigmella basiguttella 03 mine on pedunculate oak
© Andy Nunn
04.058 Stigmella basiguttella 02 mine on pedunculate oak
© Andy Nunn
04.058 Stigmella basiguttella 01 leaf mine
© Dave Shenton

Species Account

2013 (CHF): This is by far the most easily-identified species of Stigmella on oak. It is quite local in the county and has only so far been found in the south. The mine is a long, slowly widening, slender corridor, with a characteristic sinuous course. The corridor is completely filled with coils of green frass which turn brown later. Fresh mines are the same colour as the leaf and may be hard to spot. When the larva vacates the mine it soon becomes green and easier to spot.

Argus 69, 2013:
VC61. Allerthorpe Common, mines on oak 24.10.2013 (CHF). NEW VICE-COUNTY RECORD.

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