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Summary Data

Season (Adult / Immature):

National Status: Common

Local Status: Scarce and thinly distributed or restricted resident.

Local Record: Grade 3 adult, 2 leaf-mine   See here for explanation

Flight time:

Forewing: 2mm.

Foodplant: Rowan.

Regional breakdown:

Year first recorded20042005189018871883
Year last recorded20142014201420132014
Number of records61337268
Number of individuals313110
Unique positions51332258
Unique locations41134248
Adult records00000
Immature records61336257

For the county, we have a total of 90 records from 81 sites. First recorded in 1883.


04.025 Stigmella nylandriella 03 mine on Rowan
© Tony Moverley, 18 Sep 2018
04.025 Stigmella nylandriella 02 mine on rowan
© Andy Nunn
04.025 Stigmella nylandriella 01 mine
© Charlie Streets, 2 Jul 2009

Species Account

Most records are of leaf-mines.

Sutton & Beaumont, 1989: Widespread and fairly common in all five vice-counties.

2013 (CHF): This is a common moth across the county where the larvae mine leaves of rowan. The mines are usually typical but must be separated from those of Stigmella magdalenae which have linear frass with clear margins and just occupy a small part of the leaf. The other pitfall is Stigmella oxyacanthella which on occasions has been known to mine rowan - the mines can be remarkably similar but leaves are tenanted in September and October whereas nylandriella mines in July and August. A typical nylandriella mine is a long gradually widening corridor which often closely follows the leaf margin for a long distance. The frass is initially in a broad central line and usually becomes coiled or sometimes just thicker, leaving narrow clear margins. Mines with linear frass are longer and wider than those of Stigmella magdalenae and less confined to a small space.

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