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Summary Data

Season (Adult / Immature):

National Status: Local

Local Status: Rare and very local resident.

Local Record: Grade 4 adult, 3 leaf-mine   See here for explanation

Flight time:

Forewing: 2-3mm.

Foodplant: Apple.

Regional breakdown:

Year first recorded2005188318832003
Year last recorded2014201120142003
Number of records6341
Number of individuals6010
Unique positions5341
Unique locations5341
Adult records0000
Immature records6231

For the county, we have a total of 14 records from 13 sites. First recorded in 1883.


04.013 Stigmella malella 03 mine on crab apple
© Andy Nunn
04.013 Stigmella malella 02 tenanted mine
© Dave Shenton
04.013 Stigmella malella 01 mine
© Charles Fletcher, 23 Oct 2003

Species Account

Most records are of leaf-mines.

Sutton & Beaumont, 1989: Records are thinly distributed throughout vice-counties 61 to 64, not recorded from VC65.

2013 (CHF): This species is rather local in the county with leaf mines on apple, both wild and cultivated. Mines are very variable. The gallery is a tortuous corridor, and sometimes only widens a little but at other times ends in a false blotch. The frass is black or brown, in a narrow central line and these features should separate the species from Ectoedemia atricollis or Stigmella oxyacanthella. The other confusion species could be Stigmella desperatella though this has not (yet!) been found in the county. Typical tenanted mines with their yellow larva however should not produce a problem.

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