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Summary Data

Season (Adult / Immature):

National Status: Common

Local Status: Very common and fairly widespread resident.

Local Record: Grade 1   See here for explanation

Flight time: Jul-Aug.

Forewing: 8-12mm.

Foodplant: Bird Cherry.

Regional breakdown:

Year first recorded19831859188318831883
Year last recorded20142014201420142014
Number of records1152356452982403
Number of individuals180111301203460882652
Unique positions83698614545
Unique locations84698013642
Adult records1140354434911393
Immature records714248

For the county, we have a total of 3345 records from 411 sites. First recorded in 1859.


16.001 Yponomeuta evonymella 07 larval web
© Andy Nunn
16.001 Yponomeuta evonymella 06
© Andy Nunn
16.001 Yponomeuta evonymella 05
© Dave Shenton
16.001 Yponomeuta evonymella 04
© John Edwards
16.001 Yponomeuta evonymella 03
© Charles Fletcher, 14 Jun 2010
16.001 Yponomeuta evonymella 02
© Charles Fletcher, 17 Jun 2010
16.001 Yponomeuta evonymella 01
© Charles Fletcher, 22 Sep 2009

Species Account

Sutton &Beaumont, 1989: Not recorded from VC61 but otherwise widely recorded and often abundant in vice-counties 62 to 65, particularly in the north and west. It also occurs at low density on the lower ground in the Doncaster area where bird cherry is not common and may use an alternative foodplant.

Beaumont, 2002:
VC61. South Cave, 10.7.1992, 12.7.1994 (DBC); Spurn, 24 & 25.7.1994 (BRS); Bridlington, 12.7.1997 (ASE). NEW VICE-COUNTY RECORD.

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